"angel" is my favorite petname

like i am basically calling you terrible and awe-inspiring and unknowable and many-faced, all covered in a thousand blinking eyes and drenched in holy fire

Is this where the SPN fandom takes over the post

no this is where the crappiest fandom on the internet gets its gross white misogynistic queerbaiting man-pain hands off a post i made about my girlfriend



Today was the last day of school for me. I set off with a mission-to see how many times I could theoretically be dress coded with one outfit. Why did I choose today? Because it was the last day of school and teachers are really lax on the dress code. Why did I do it in the first place? Fun, when…

My friend got dress coded for wearing shorts that were clearly past the length of your arms’ extension. The same day I wore shorts with a shirt that was too long so if I hadn’t tied it it would have gone past the bottom of my shorts. Everyone else was wearing the exact same thing, and the one who got caught hadn’t done anything wrong. Suffice to say, I think my parents care more about what I wear than the school does.